Introducing a revolutionary new Protein Blend Range.

Our Protein Blends combine all the things we love about protein powder, but we've also added unique SUPER FOODS to create extra benefits. We know our babes are busy, so all of our blends given a powerful and convenient punch of nourishment in one product. So now you don't need to stock up on heaps of different supplements, we've done all the work for you - so you can simply enjoy the benefits.

All of the Protein Blends help to:

+ Boost the metabolism, manage hunger levels & boost natural fat burning
+ Help eliminate sugar cravings
+ Create lean, toned muscles
+ Aid recovery and replenishment post exercise
+ Increase energy levels


Plus each blend has other unique benefits including:

+ Enhance productivity and mental alertness
+ Boost moods
+ Help manage stress 
+ Reveal glowing, radiant skin
+ Naturally balance hormone levels
+ Detoxify


These Protein Blends are designed for maximum convenience and are perfect for a morning or afternoon quickie! We recommend mixing two tablespoons into 200ml of coconut water or your choice of milk. For best results, we suggest you zap them in your blender.

Creativity is encouraged, as the blends taste great in smoothies, pancakes, muffins and any or all other homemade snacks.

Discover each of the new Protein Blends …

Enjoy babe x 


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