What does a typical day look like for Jerri Jones?

My days are currently ruled by my 1 year old daughter and her schedule! I'm a full time mum and also work from home. So mornings are spent with Bobbi, when she has a morning nap I catch up on emails and accounts, pack orders, book couriers, speak to suppliers etc do whatever I can whilst she is asleep. Then she is up and we do it all over again! My husband and mum/ mother in law help me out when they can, so I can have meetings and run errands during the week baby-free.

Has your background always been in fashion?

I have always worked in and around fashion in different ways. I worked in fashion retail whilst at uni. I studied a double degree of business commerce and communications. Straight out of uni I worked at a PR and Marketing agency, which had fashion clients, and then I went on to manage the online store of a major Australian fashion retailer, before taking the leap to start my own label.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I'm inspired by creating Classic pieces that make up the ultimate capsule wardrobe. The pieces that are simple, timeless and you can wear season after season. I believe in good quality basics. Personally I live in jeans and leather jackets, sneakers and ankle boots for day to day wear. I look to french girls, especially the French Vogue team, for major 'effortless' style inspiration.

 How did having Bobbi join the family change your approach to business?

Having Bobbi a week after I launched my business (what timing!) definitely meant that I have modelled the business around our family which is first and foremost. For me it's about trying to work the business around our life. As I mentioned, I am currently a full time mum, it's very hard to get work done with a very active baby - now toddler! I have to work around what works for her schedule and always try to be present.  It's trying to find that balance, I dont know how working mums do it! When I get frustrated that I haven't got what I set out to do done, I  have to remember how lucky I am to be with Bobbi everyday. Make sure I am present in those times together, and then try and get work done when she sleeps!

Any advice for other women looking to start their own business?

You need to be passionate about what you want to do in business, if you're not, it'll be all too hard and you'll fizzle out if you don't have the inner drive for it. I also truly believe there is not right time to feel 'ready', it's one of those things that you have to take a leap and give it a go, otherwise you'll be waiting for ever. Someone once said to me, just think what is the worse case scenario? If you can live with it and move on, then go for it.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

My family (that aside - COFFEE!)

Do you prefer footy season or the off season?

That's a tough one.. I do love watching the boys play, but at this point in time and with our life with Bobbi now, I'd probably say off season (which includes pre-season) because there is more flexibility with Nath's schedule and he would be home early somedays..and gets weekends off, so we get to see him more!

What’s next on the Horizon for Jerri Jones?

JERRI.JONES creates individual pieces rather than collections - to showcase an edited selection of timeless wardrobe essentials worth investing in. Currently I have a small range of quality leather garments, and I'm excited to release some beautiful silk basics later this year. Designed and made in Melbourne, the silk tops are the perfect accompaniment to our leather garments, and ideal to work in with your existing wardrobe as well. 

I'll continue to introduce new leather pieces and quality wardrobe essentials to grow the brand overtime, and we are also looking to add menswear into the mix down the track.

Have a squizz (or even a shop) at http://www.jerrijones.com.au/

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