1. Don't focus on the money. 

As cliche as it sounds, the most successful women focus on following their passion and interests and allow the money piece to follow. Focusing on money may also hold you back from taking risks and can make it harder to listen to your intuition.

2. Be clear on what success means.

Clarity is power. The most successful women were extremely clear on what success looked like to them and had actively put in place goals to help them achieve it.

3Learn how to be productive. 

Most women believe they are excellent at managing their own time, but you would be surprised how much time is actually wasted and used to answer to other's agenda's. The most successful women were found to have a non-negotiable morning routine, had learned to prioritise what was truly urgent for 'them', didn't live to answer emails and asked for help so they didn't have to do everything. One great trick is to set your priorities and daily plan for the night before, so you start the day with your game plan already set. 

4. Be your own cheerleader! 

As important as your support system is, the most successful women all had a very strong self belief and confidence in their abilities and what they could achieve. Every women should accept that failure is very much a part of success. You will make mistakes, take a few steps backwards or sideways, but continuing to stay positive and pick yourself up again to continue on the journey will be vital. 

5. Have a mentor.

The most successful women from Oprah to Lorna Jane, they all had one or more mentors throughout their journey that helped teach, challenge and help them grow and achieve great things. Who you surround yourself with, has a huge influence on who you become and how you live your life. It's essential you have people in your life that are where you want to be in 5 -10 years time. 

Finally, remember that success is a marathon, not a sprint!

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