If you haven’t already visited She Is Sarah Jane, you need to bookmark it now! Sarah Jane Young is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne. Sarah Jane has also worked as the fashion and beauty editor for Business Chick’s Latte magazine and written for several leading Australian publications, including: Mother & Baby, Marie Clare, Women’s Health, InStyle and Who magazine. She is also a new Mum to two new babies, beautiful Mia Grace and another business 'Mummies Who Lunch'. Sarah is also passionate about standing up to social media 'bullies' and encourages women to respect each other and their choices. No wonder we've ebbed her 'unstoppable Sarah'...

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be… Leigh Campbell (in a totally non-creepy way!). I have since met Leigh and told her this, which she found rather amusing. I have always loved to write and am obsessed with all things beauty. I was recently listed as one of the best beauty blogs in Melbourne by The Urban List Melbourne, so this was amazing and very rewarding.

What inspired you to start She is, Sarah Jane? SISJ was born out of boredom! It started off as a hobby and creative outlet, and naturally evolved into my full-time job over about 12 months. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to watch it grow, with my site now averaging 175 – 200K views per month. I absolutely love my job!

Describe yourself in 5 words: Energetic, candid, driven, kind, sarcastic (!)

What’s your one pet hate? One? I have many! My number one would definitely have to be… drivers tail-gating me on the road. It’s super annoying and dangerous.

Best thing you’ve learnt launching the business? You only get out what you put in – literally.

What’s been the biggest challenge motherhood has thrown at you? Motherhood is truly amazing and I have experienced a love like no other. However, of course like most new mummies, I have my moments. Juggling motherhood and work is incredibly hard work, but I know down the track it will pay off for both myself and my family. It also allows me to retain a sense of identity – as we can sometimes get a little lost amongst the sleep deprivation, poopie nappies and The Wiggles!


You’ve interviewed some amazing women, who is on your wish list? I am a big supporter of the ‘sisterhood’ and yes, I’ve interviewed some incredible women. I would really love to interview Sonia Kruger next – stay tuned!

What’s next for Sarah Jane? Many things! It would appear I have an addiction to increasing my workload and setting my own career expectations higher and higher. I have recently launched my new business ‘Mummies Who Lunch’. Mummies Who Lunch is more than just cucumber sandwiches and soy chai lattes. It’s about women connecting with other women, in what can be some of the hardest and best times of their lives – pregnancy, birth and raising their little people. I will be running fortnightly workshops and social catch-ups in Melbourne, commencing in October 2015. All workshops have been specifically designed to make each and every participant feel empowered in their choices as a mother.

Workshop topics include: pre & post-natal health and fitness, nutrition, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, kiddie chiro, hair and make-up tutorials, post & pre-natal injury prevention, yoga, baby/kid safety, Pilates, post-natal depression, baby massage, overall wellness and much much more. All guest speakers are highly qualified and industry leaders in their fields

Discover more of Sarah: http://sheissarahjane.com.au/

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