In case you needed any more motivation that summer is coming, we talk all things fitness and inspiration with this mega #babewithballs and Nike Master trainer, Kirsty Godso. This babe is busy travelling the globe and endorsing empowering messages to women about fitness and believes if you’re not having fun while your exercising – you’re not doing it right! This babe also has a degree in Commerce, but decided lunging was more fun...

Whats the first thing you do in the morning?

Coffee, eggs and avocado! Haha I wake up before my alarm everyday because I'm always excited for breakfast. If I'm training people in the morning that comes first and then I can sit down and enjoy my breakfast.

Do you ever struggle to get yourself up and training?

99% never! That 1% of the time will be when I'm jet lagged from all the work travel but I still always make myself get up and go for it because I know I'll feel better for it and I never regret those workouts. Often the workouts we least want to do count the most.

Who inspired you to get into fitness?

I have always been inspired by athletes and sport but I think the point where I really decided to fully dive into fitness was after a trip to LA 5 years ago. I love all the boutique studio gyms in the U.S. and the feeling I got when I worked out in them. I wanted to be able to share that feeling with others. Since then the addiction has grown daily - it never stops! I also have an AMAZING personal trainer myself who has honestly been a game changer for me. He is so passionate about training and nutrition and I have learnt a lot from him.


Whose your dream training buddy?

The main thing that matters to me when I'm training with someone is that they're focused and are there to work hard so this person would have to be turning up ready to sweat with no complaining! I always love training with my fellow Nike Master Trainers because we laugh as much as we lunge and the I'd love to train with some of the NBA players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Then on the flip side, Adriana Lima looks like she knows her way around a skipping rope and boxing ring so I'd like to witness that! 

What’s the biggest fitness mistake you see women making all too often?

Slugging it out on the treadmill or cardio machines because they don't want to get "bulky" from touching the weights. I'm constantly trying to get women to be more adventurous with their weights and strength training because the benefits to be gained from it are much more than the treadmill will ever offer you and quicker too! 

Favourite cheat food?

Raw cheesecake! Every time. Salted caramel or raspberry cacao has my name on it :)

Food or fitness trend you’d love to see end?

Obsession.  This one can apply to both food and fitness. I myself am obsessed with both of these things but in a passionate and healthy way. All too often these days you see people take their training or eating to a complete extreme beyond any point of enjoyment and with questionable consequences for their long term health. I think it is so important to enjoy your training as at the end of the day, it is your YOU time. Focus more on how it feels, rather than the aesthetics of it. The same applies to nutrition - be healthy and fuel your body sufficiently but make sure you still have some enjoyment in there in moderation.

You are constantly on aeroplanes, what’s your quirkiest travel habit?

I take a resistance band in my carry on for when I get really restless from all the sitting still and I never eat plane food, no matter what class I'm flying! People often look at me funny when I pull out my own salad or healthy snacks on the flight but I get off at the other end feeling fresh and ready to go so it's worth the extra effort and funny looks!  

What’s 1 thing on your bucket list?

To have a Three-Point Shootout with Michael Jordan, that would be a dream!

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