We might not see eye-to-eye with Aussie Olympic Runner, Anneliese Rubie, on the Sydney vs Melbourne debate, but we certainly can't wait to support her as she zips around the track in green and gold in Rio. This babe's fave Health Lab ball flavours are Almond, Lemon & Choc, read on to discover what else fuels her fire. 

HL: Congratulations on making the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Anneliese, who was the first person you called with the news and why?

AR: Thankyou, I’m incredibly honoured and excited to be named on the team! When I first found out I had been selected to compete at Rio, I was lucky enough to actually be with my family and was able to share that moment with them. Then the first person I rang was my Aunty, like my whole family, she’s been so supportive my whole life and I knew she had been very nervous for me all week leading up to the selection trials. So I wanted to tell her the good news so she could relax!!  

HL: What is your favourite place your running has taken you?

AR: I am so lucky to travel all around the world for my running; from Canada, to Beijing, to Italy and even Morocco! My favourite place though has to be The Bahamas. They’re such happy people and were such a fun crowd to run in front of – plus going to the beach for post race recovery was amazing!! 

We hear you spend your time between Sydney and Melbourne, weigh in on the debate, which city better?

Sydney, 100% !! There is no competition. Melbourne has its perks but Sydney has it all; the best beaches in the world, better weather, great coffee, cool culture, and of course Sydney harbour…It still takes my breathe away! 

Fast forward to the end of your running career, what does success look like?

Success to me is about the achievements of course… but also about enjoying each moment and making the most of every opportunity. I would love to say at the end of my career that I made an Olympic final and medalled at the Commonwealth Games. I’d also like to hold an Australian record…that would be pretty special.  

If you could race any athlete, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I’d have to say Cathy Freeman, because obviously she was an awesome athlete and an incredible competitor. It would’ve been special to grow up in that era racing against her. Or Usain Bolt…He is the epitome of talent and is such an entertainer. Would be so fun to go up against him! 

We know how well Olympic athletes look after their bodies and their diets, if you could eat whatever you wanted for a day what would the menu look like?

Pastry all day. I have a very sweet tooth and love everything that involves pastry, especially croissants…and maybe I’d throw in some French toast too. 

What song is at the top of your training playlist at the moment?

I’m loving ‘This Is What You Came For” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris.  

What will you be doing to relax and recover after the Rio games?

I’m going to spend some time with my boyfriend and family in South America, even though I travel a lot, it’s not often that I get to sightsee so I will just enjoy being normal for a bit… Eating out, having coffee, and lying in the sun hopefully! 

Favourite inspirational quote?

“Train like you’ve never won, race like you’ve never lost”

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