These health tweaks aren’t rocket science babes. But when things get busy and stressful, often it’s the small things that we make compromises on that really start to add up. Making small tweaks feels more achievable and really do make a big difference to you powering through your days with more energy, vitality and productivity.
  • Avoid Stimulants: Many of us reach instinctively for a cup of coffee in the morning to get us going before we consider the day officially started. And usually we immediately shut down any article that encourages us to quit coffee - It’s just never-going-to-happen! However, this last month, the team here have been given the challenge and can all confidently say it’s absolutely worth the short-term pain, headaches and fogginess babe! Start your day by drinking a glass of warm Lemon water instead. It may be boring, but it seriously helps your body wake up and get going. Unfortunately coffee can just be a crutch that could be masking other issues such as a lack of sleep or poor nutrition. Drop the stimulants and continue to make positive changes until you don’t feel you need them anymore.
  • Meditate for 5 Minutes: First thing in the morning, there’s no better time to sit and clear your mind for a few minutes. There’s also no right way to meditate, so if you’ve tried specific methods and didn’t really like it, it’s time to develop your own personal style. Choose a position that you find comfortable, and decide if you’d like music or not. Just sitting and listening to the silence can be enough for most. You don’t need to go into a trance or spend an hour in the lotus position to 'meditate'. You can get the benefits from just a few minutes and you’ll see a marked improvement in the upward trend your days start to take.
  • Bring your lunch to work: Packing lunch will help you control your ingredients and portion sizes. It also provides a good alternative to takeaway – where you often crave and make poor food choices, plus it can get very expensive.
  • Clean out your closet: First, it's great cleansing exercise. Second, it's an important step in changing your attitude. Get rid of all the clothes that make you look or feel bad. You want to feel empowered and confident when you get dressed every morning. Throw out anything that's too big — don't give yourself the option of ever fitting into those clothes again. Move the smaller clothes up to the front to help motivate you. Soon, you'll be fitting into those too-tight jeans you couldn't bear to part with.
  • Listen to your cravings and have some dessert: You don't have to deny yourself all the time. If you're craving something sweet, eat something sweet — just opt for a healthier nosh (I’m pretty sure we have the perfect snacks for you). It's just smart substitution! Have a treat that brings you pleasure, but this time enjoy it guilt-free be — denial only leads to bigger binges and food complexes.
  • 20 minutes: We so often hear that women are ‘too busy’ to fit in exercise. Honestly that’s bullshit! It just means it’s not a priority for you. And that’s something that really needs to change. We won’t waste time going over the benefits of exercise, as you know them yourself. But we will challenge you with the ’20 minute’ rule. Whatever you do, it only has to last 20 minutes. You can get massive results with HIIT, short circuit or even skipping in 20 minutes and it’s really hard to convince yourself you can’t spare the 20 minutes….C’mon babes.
Enjoy babes,
HL x

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