• She is unstoppable Sarah!

    If you haven’t already visited She Is Sarah Jane, you need to bookmark it now! Sarah Jane Young is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne. Sarah Jane has also worked as the fashion and beauty editor for Business Chick’s Latte magazine and written for several leading Australian publications, including: Mother & Baby, Marie Clare, Women’s Health, InStyle and Who magazine. She is also a new Mum to two new babies, beautiful Mia Grace and another business 'Mummies Who Lunch'. Sarah is also passionate about standing up to social media 'bullies' and encourages women and new mums to start supporting each other and respect each other's choices. No wonder we've ebbed her 'unstoppable Sarah'...

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  • Girl crush on Godso!

    In case you needed any more motivation that summer is coming, we talk all things fitness and inspiration with this mega #babewithballs and Nike Master trainer, Kirsty Godso. This babe is busy travelling the globe and endorsing empowering messages to women about fitness and believes if you’re not having fun while your exercising – you’re not doing it right! This babe also has a degree in Commerce, but decided lunging was more fun...

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  • You are the average of the '5 babes' you spend the most time with. So is your tribe of babes lifting you up or holding you back…? Surround yourself with people that bring the best out of you, and encourage you to be the best version of yourself...

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